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Natascha Nike – voice  |  F.X.Randomiz – electronics

»Nowadays, in the era of retro mania in music, one wouldn’t necessarily expect innovation anymore, as long as vintage styles become reprocessed and the enjoyment of references gets artfully organized.

FU ACUNE don’t play along this game. Their music fuses pop and contemporary music, dance and avantgarde, improvisation and song formats to a yet unheard synthesis.

With numerous projects (including Holosud, The Allophons, Bassjogg) and as a solo artist (A-Musik, Sonig) F.X.Randomiz has been since the 90s one of the most advanced representatives of electronic music.

The expressive sound and the polystylistic vocalism of Natascha’s voice consolidates perfectly with Randomiz’s twisted, playful and kaleidoscopic sound.

Natascha Nike is considered the most interesting vocal soloist of younger generation; as a composer-performer and interpreter of Stockhausen she ranges between the edges of New Music Theatre and improvisation.
Her music, always improvised, lives out of the power of contrasts: amorphous sound structures, noises and bizarre atonality turning smoothly into harmonic melodies and overtone arias.

Together they form FU ACUNE, who ensure that the electronic pop avantgarde in London, Berlin, New York or Tokyo jealously throw a glance at Cologne tonight.

FU ACUNE: Still crazy enough to not jump directly into the charts, dance rhythms and catchy melodies invite for much more than just a slight nod…« Olaf Karnik, music journalist